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Bridging cultures to promote complete health, Mara Kundilje harnesses the ways of traditional ‘bush-medicine’ as well as western medicine.
We draw on the wisdom of Ngangkari (special healers) as well as modern medical experts.

Linked to the LanD

Connected to contemporary carE

Those who seek our support gain a deep link to the land; yet remain connected to modern medical care.

We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart, playing an active role in bringing Australians together. 

Reconciliation SA’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) inspires us, guides our activities and helps us to build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.
Registered NDIS Providers 
Our Pathways
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Techniques that tap into a timeless culture

Spiritual Healing

The Anangu people are part of the oldest living culture in the world.  Traditional medicine and healers have been essential to its families, culture and connection to country for millennia.

Our Spiritual Healing techniques tap into this timeless culture’s soul, aligned with methods such as smoke ceremony, bush medicine and spiritual reconnection.


Connected with a supportive community

Disability and Wellbeing

Correct care and deep compassion are essential for those living with a disability. Mara Kundilje helps connect individuals with a supportive community, encouraging them to play an active role.

Our tailored services support daily living with an eye to independence and community activities.

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Helping bridge cultural divides

Cultural Awareness

The Mara Kundilje team specialises in accessible courses that teach indigenous cultures in an integrated way.

Individuals can learn the value of diversity and cultural knowledge, coming to understand and adapt to diverse cultures. This knowledge helps bridge divides and further strengthen the fabric of indigenous communities.

Our courses can be configured for cost-effective delivery for groups of any size.

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Culturally appropriate health, direct to remote communities



People living in remote communities are often limited in travel options, yet find that culturally appropriate health providers are far away. 

Mara Kundilje delivers appropriate health services directly to remote communities, catering for:

  • oral health
  • kidney health
  • diabetes
  • STI prevention
  • drug and alcohol counselling

Our strong hands reach out across great distances to make a difference.

OUR Work

Mara Kundilje draws strength from culture and connects individuals to its many benefits.

We work with those who need healing and help. People of indigenous descent, the elderly, the vulnerable and those who are simply lonely.

We believe that connection to the land heals, and that healing also happens when all hands are held strongly together, united in support. Mara Kundilje brings the spiritual connection of Australia’s indigenous people together with modern medical techniques;  the two complementing each other.

Harmony brings healing.

Mara Kundilje means ‘strong hands’, and our support reaches into the lives of a diverse range of clients, bringing healing that can be
spiritual, physical, mental, social or cultural.

Connected with the land and in touch with modern medicine, Mara Kundilje support is strong, inclusive and caring.

Registered NDIS Providers

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There is no ‘us and them’, but rather a culture of inclusion, and a business completely immersed with the individuals and communities it serves. 

The Mara Kundilje team puts participants, families, support networks and our own staff at the centre of everything we do.

We recognise and value the rights and responsibilities of every individual we work with. Our team is built around respect, dignity and integrity, combining these with a warm, understanding approach. We take the time to listen, to learn the stories of our clients in order to serve them best. 

We believe that every participant has the right to have a say in decisions regarding their support services to as great an extent as practically possible. With this in mind, Mara Kundilje team members are committed to ‘working with you, not just for you’, in order to help wishes be met and goals be achieved. 

mick Starkey
Mick Starkey

My role as CEO of Mara Kundilje places me at the head of the business and I am very proud of that,  but in truth my place is equally with the Kokatha tribe of South Australia.

My cultural links connect me with country and family in SA’s vast Western Desert. My traditional country ranges through Woomera, Andamooka, Roxby Downs, Lake Torrens, Lake Gairdner and into the beautiful Gawler Ranges. 

I am fortunate to have a life that bridges cultures. I have a background in cultural and heritage land management using both traditional skills and western science.

Part of my work history includes having lived at Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park (the Mutitjulu community) for almost a quarter of a century.

I had the privilege of working as a Cultural Heritage Officer, designing programmes demonstrating the traditional skills needed to live on-country, while also using western science to maintain cultural and natural values to World Heritage standards.

I walk in two worlds, comfortable in contemporary society, yet grounded in priceless traditional lessons taught to me by my elders from the time I was a young boy.

I rely on the life skills of a traditional man in western desert society, bound to hold family close and guide the next generation towards strength and wisdom. 

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